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/* file_rd.h
 * data structures and routines for reading/writing binary
 * record-oriented files. */

struct file_list {
  char *name;
  struct file_list *next;

struct file_rd_info {
  struct file_list *the_files;
  FILE *fp;             /* current file pointer */
  char *name;                 /* current file name -- we need this
                           because we close files as soon as
                           we find their ends and free their
                           entries from the linked list */
  int recs_read;        /* how many records are in our buffer? */
  int recs_left;        /* how many records are left in the
                           buffer to be used? */
  void *buffer;               /* the buffer for the data */
  int buffered_records;       /* how many records to buffer */
  int record_size;            /* how big is each record? */
  int backwards;        /* non-zero if we're reading backwards */
  long rec_number;            /* record number in the currently open
                           file, for error-reporting purposes */

struct file_rd_info *file_reader_init PARAMS((int record_size,
                                    int buffered_records,
                                    int backwards));
void file_reader_add_file PARAMS((struct file_rd_info *fri, char *name));
char *file_reader_get_entry PARAMS((struct file_rd_info *fri));
void file_reader_print_file_and_line PARAMS((FILE *out,
                                   struct file_rd_info *fri));

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